MSI Direct

Do you need research results quickly? MSI direct is the answer. Test new propositions, concepts, advertisements and/or packaging directly. You will receive results in a PDF report including conclusions within 48 hours.

The benefits listed

Answer to your question within 48 hours



Attractive price


MSI-direct is developed for that moment when you think:" "can we still quickly carry out a research in advance?". In the past, this was probably skipped because of a small available budget and tight deadlines. MSI now has a good solution for this problem. MSI-DIRECT: reliable design, clear reporting, executed within a short period of time at an attractive price.

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PSR Product

Is my new product/service viable? With the PSR product test you find out whether your idea is profitable before you make major decisions. This way you have more certainty before you make large investments.

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Packaging test

How do consumers rate the packaging of my product? With the packaging test you gain insight into the appreciation and functionality of your product packaging. With this you know how to improve the product and adapt it to the needs of the customer.

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Campaign pretest

Will my campaign be effective with my target audience? A campaign pre-test is a research method you can test your campaign before it is rolled out. These tests help identify any problems and limitations of the campaign so you can optimize your campaign before it goes live.

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